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            Hello! Welcome to Shanghai Feihe Compressor Manufacturing Co.,Ltd!
            "only maintenanc but without repair"compressor production, sales, installation and maintenance services 4000979158

            6 reasons for you to choose the high-end energy-saving FEIHE compressor brand

            Feihe compressor

            Six advantage
            • High standard service

              Feihe provide "service conceptonly maintenanc but without repair" service concept
            • Industry drafting unit

              Feihe has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, general machinery energy saving certification and CE
            • A large production base

              With hundreds of engineers and professional technical personnel and strong strength
            • Excellent product quality

              Quality is excellent, with high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection etc
            • Diverse innovation

              Product coverage, to meet the needs of customers in different industries
            • Perfect Network service

              And around the world service outlets, four ? integration in the service of customers?

            PROJECT CASES

            Products are widely used in steel, coal, power, cement, railway, coking, medicine, chemical and other industries

            Research + sales + installationCommitted to compressor production, sales, installation!

            +86 400 097 9158FH public account
            Shanghai Feihe Compressor Manufacturing Co. Ltd